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Animal Farm

Experiences By Appointment Only

Get up close and personal to creatures great and small! 

Prices are per person ages 1 and up. 


Basic Animal Tour - $15/person                              (3 person minimum)

You will be able to feed alpacas and brush goats, pet rabbits, chickens, quail and meet our menagerie of petting zoo animals including horses, sheep, fancy pigeons and more.


Australian Experience - $60

Includes up to 4 people - $12/ extra person

Interact with a Wallaby, feed the second largest bird the emu and hold an emu egg.

Bearded Dragon

Reptile or Creepy Crawly Experience - $55

Includes up to 4 people - $10/ extra person

Have a close encounter with a snake, lizard, tortoise and frog or creatures that slither, crawl or are just creepy.


Small critter encounter - $10 per animal

Must do an additional encounter

Animal interactions currently available are Chinchillas, Hedgehogs, Skunk, Patagonian Mara, Bearded Dragon, Purple snake, Tortoise. You will have a personal interaction for 5-10 minutes. Depending on the animal it could be touching, holding or feeding.

Ride a Pony - $45

This is a 20 minute lesson on proper position on a horse. Includes exercises in the saddle; Can be combined with Groom a Pony for total price of $70.

Horse Whisperer

Groom A Pony - $45

This is a 30 minute lesson teaching importance and technique of grooming a pony.

Pony Ride
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